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The Kihei location made a convenient base for further exploration of west Maui.
The Dallas Mavericks will resume playing the national anthem before gamesDropping the anthem from pregame rituals would be a convenient way to drop the conversation, to artificially isolate sports from everything the country is grappling with.
We first made the bowls for ourselves in our kitchens because we wanted to eat something that was convenient, made with real fruits and vegetables, contained protein and fiber for gut health, and was ready to be devoured—with a spoon.
We’ve all been in that classic predicament where we’re coming into the house, hands full of grocery bags, and peeling off your shoe with your other foot was the most convenient option.
Given that, according to a recent poll, some 63 percent like early voting, it is not clear Republicans are going to be able to roll back a convenient voting system used by both parties.
Wireless charging in its current form is only moderately more convenient than simply plugging in your devices every time they need to power up.
Attending Search Marketing Expo has never been this affordable… or convenient.
Nintendo never packed shooting-gallery classics like Duck Hunt into a plug-and-play Zapper, while companies like Sega and Namco have never released their legendary arcade gun games as convenient, shoot-at-the-TV collector's editions.
For people in remote areas, or places that don’t have convenient access to pharmacies—often poorer neighborhoods—it’s difficult for them to travel twice.
You also have to make sure that riding a bike is as, or more convenient, than riding a car.


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