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When it comes to beloved products, we are “very good at rationalizing in order to reduce this discomfort while still consuming the product we want to consume,” John said.
He said he is not a proponent of double masking because it consumes more masks and can also lead to more air leakage.
Newsletters support the Times’ subscription-driven business by getting readers into the habit of consuming its content everyday via The Morning.
Intent-signaling behaviors — observable as users search, click, consume and repeat — are the lifeblood of the digital advertising ecosystem and something publishers must honor.
If the cost of consuming water wasn’t high enough in San Diego, consider the cost of getting rid of it.
It was only from a couple of wheedled-out details that you got a glimpse, on the morning after, of the consuming burn beneath his facade.
It’s possible to do this kind of work by hand, though it is far more time-consuming.
I've seen some huge superstars be deeply affected by constantly consuming social media and taking in the opinions.
And, Pepco itself will switch to 100 percent clean and renewable electricity for electricity consumed in its own buildings and convert to energy-efficient lighting across its District properties by the end of 2025.
The volume of “natural materials” required is listed as 60 cubic meters, and the energy consumed in the building process is a mere 6 kilowatts.


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