Antonyms for connectives

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The asyndeton in this distich is odd, given the preceding series of connectives.

Here the words by and from are connectives; but they do more than connect.

In these combinations, the vowels e and o are sometimes used as connectives.

The probable position of the connectives is shown and the proportionate distances between ganglia are given.

Reconstruction from serial sections of the cerebro-pleural mass nerves and connectives of Malletia faba.

Notice especially the connectives which introduce sentences and clauses marked off by commas.

Relative pronouns have a peculiar function in the sentence, since they serve both as pronouns and as connectives.

Such words (which serve both as pronouns and as connectives) are called relative pronouns.

A close reasoner and a good writer in general may be known by his pertinent use of connectives.

In all cases the exact limits of the nerves and connectives were not determined, but the chief ganglia were easily found.