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“Cars appeared to be racing or traveling at really high speeds on the Beltway, where normally the congestion would prevent folks from going that fast,” he said.
At the moments of highest demand, congestion on the grid means that electricity needs to be made near where it’s most needed—in cities.
This throttling was particularly severe because it was enforced 24 hours a day regardless of whether there was any network congestion, and downloads were throttled to speeds as low as 128kbps.
Ants have been learning how to deal with congestion for millions of years.
It’s difficult to ensure that every single device you’re connecting is running at optimum speed, so there will typically be unavoidable lags or congestion.
Minneapolis had the most persistent drop worldwide, with 219 days of reduced congestion, followed by Nashville with 213 days, and San Francisco with 211 days.
Both candidates had vowed to do more to resolve the increasing traffic congestion plaguing a portion of Virginia that has steadily grown during the past decade.
We continue to urge hauliers not to travel to Kent until further notice as we work to alleviate congestion at ports.
Around the country, there is more road congestion, double-parking, and idling time at the curb as companies increasingly bring their goods to us.
The line would save time — and, in turn, money — both for monorail passengers and motorists who would enjoy less congestion on I-270, the study found.


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