[ kon-kreet, kong-, kon-kreet, kong- for 1–10, 13–15; kon-kreet, kong- for 11, 12 ]SEE DEFINITION OF concreting
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This is, of course, for work of such size that one course is a day's work of concreting.

The lagging was added a piece at a time as concreting progressed.

For concreting, the wall was divided circumferentially into three sections.

The abutment forms were built up as the concreting progressed.

The plaster casts had been made while the concreting process was worked out.

The concreting of the roof slab was carried on continuously, and, when partly completed, the floor was laid in the shade.

This is an answer with regard to the concreting power, a subject about which we certainly are not here inquiring.

When concreting was in progress, the spoil buckets were returned to the shafts loaded with sand and stone.

As the concreting progressed upward the trestle was extended and the chute shortened.

It comprised first the removal of the old lining, the enlarging excavation and the form erection and concreting.