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It concretes below 32° F., and does not fuse again till heated to 41°.

It concretes in lamellar crystals at the temperature of 50°, and does not melt again till heated to 64° nearly.

These abstracts may be used for concretes—namely, the possessors of the qualities named.

If the vesicles break, they exude a slight, gummy discharge which concretes into a small, hard scab.

Special Report on Diseases of the HorseUnited States Department of Agriculture

It measures, concretes, and materialises for us his colossal worth and the omnipotent vastness of his achievement.

Karl MarxAchille Loria

The phosphorus falls down in drops, like melted wax, and concretes at the bottom of the water in the receiver.

Language is a proof of this—Children's talk is apt to run in concretes;—every man or woman is a father or mother to them.

The demand is met by cements and concretes easily laid in unjointed miles.

I can understand that of mystical monism shutting its eyes on the concretes of life, for the sake of its abstract rapture.

These formulas give the amounts of cement in mortars and concretes compacted in place.

Concrete ConstructionHalbert P. Gillette