Thesaurus / concreted


The main arch rings were concreted in transverse sections; Fig. 158 shows the size and order of construction of these sections.

Concrete ConstructionHalbert P. Gillette

But other means of profit begin to be found; kelp is gathered and burnt, and sloops are loaded with the concreted ashes.

When a ring of wall 7½ ft. high had been concreted, the reinforcement was placed as before described for another ring.

Concrete ConstructionHalbert P. Gillette

It was years before the cellar of that house was concreted and the necessary connections of pipes and sewers made.

The Leaven in a Great CityLillian William Betts

The side walls were not concreted back to the rock; back forms of 1-in.

Concrete ConstructionHalbert P. Gillette

One is the nature of the infinite terminated and concreted by three distinct subsistences—the Beginning, the Word, the Spirit.

Concreted and focussed of late by the attraction of a girl's undoubted beauty, it had become a veritable prepossession.

I went directly to examine the furnace, and saw all the metal in it concreted.

No weeds are allowed to grow either in the water or on the banks, which are concreted.

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