[ kon-kreet, kong-, kon-kreet, kong- for 1–10, 13–15; kon-kreet, kong- for 11, 12 ]SEE DEFINITION OF concreted
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


The side walls were not concreted back to the rock; back forms of 1-in.

The tunnel from here on was concreted, walls, roof and floor.

No weeds are allowed to grow either in the water or on the banks, which are concreted.

One is the nature of the infinite terminated and concreted by three distinct subsistences—the Beginning, the Word, the Spirit.

Ice, īs, n. water congealed by freezing: concreted sugar, a frozen confection of sweetened cream or the juice of various fruits.

It filled ravines, such as Fosso Grande, and concreted and hardened there into pumiceous tufa—a very instructive phenomenon.

Another section of track was then bridged, trenched and concreted and so on until the length of invert required was constructed.

The main arch rings were concreted in transverse sections; Fig. 158 shows the size and order of construction of these sections.

The arches were concreted in three longitudinal sections, each section constituting a day's work.

Forms built complete a full story high and concreted from the top are essential where wet and sloppy concretes are used.