Antonyms for composted

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With what proportion of the lime and salt mixture should it be composted?

These ingredients are composted and if the work is well done will meet very well the soil and food requirements of the grape.

A wide hole should be dug where the furrows cross, and into this composted manure should be put.

In Indianapolis it is composted with marl and sawdust, and after some months used as a fertilizer.

Peruvian Guano, so serviceable in its first applications to light soils, may be composted with muck to the greatest advantage.

Peat soil or swamp muck that has been composted for two or three years has failed to give me good returns.

He refers to a record of the early fourteenth century of the payment of more than twice the ordinary rent for composted land.

It should be composted with earth or refuse matter, so as to expose it to the action of air.