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Finally, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who had instructed his organization not to play the national anthem before home games at the start of the season, was compelled by the league office to reverse course.
That compelled the Lions to ensure there was a trade agreement in place by then.
So you end up with a system that everyone knows is flawed but feels compelled to use anyway.
There also was something that really compelled us about her withholding a memory from herself that was too chaotic for her admit to herself—and that finally flooding back to her in her final moments.
“The need to protect the honor of this body compelled me to proceed,” Bell said.
Their surveillance economics compel them to extract data from our lives at a massive scale.
Consequently, we feel compelled to, at first, convince ourselves that Principia or De revolutionibus were too much for most people—yet somehow the ideas stuck because they were so extraordinarily powerful.
Such stories compelled Colm Atkins, a researcher at Rutgers University who learned about Miles4Migrants on social media, to donate his miles to the program in the fall.
Researchers and authorities have compiled ample evidence of Uyghurs being compelled to work the fields and in the factories powering these industries.
For anyone who feels compelled to touch before buying, virtual test-runs and try-ons represent the next best thing.


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