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Renee said she was looking for a committed relationship, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to get married either.
“We are committed to evaluating and adapting our approach to best serve the needs of our customers, particularly in these challenging times,” Comcast spokesman Joel Shadle in a statement.
These factors mean this will be a complex and time-intensive process and we’re committed to doing the work to get this right.
This team is really lucky to have people that are so dedicated, so committed and so good.
The District of Columbia will continue to make the vaccine available promptly as we receive doses, and we remain committed to ensuring an equitable distribution.
Riccobono, who attended the Colorado center 21 years ago, said the centers “are committed to protecting blind people.”
Amid those budget challenges, Gloria said he remains committed to the “Back to Work SD” plan he assembled during his campaign to guide the city’s recovery.
We are deeply committed to continuing to pursue ambitious audio journalism and have already begun implementing changes that will make our audio report even stronger.
As a leader who has benefited so much from mentors and sponsors over my career, I am committed to following that example—and I owe it to everyone around me to encourage that throughout our business.
She’s committed to not only exposing things that are not working but reporting on proposed solutions.


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