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So, to track changes in ocean temperature, Wu and colleagues identified “repeaters” — earthquakes that the team determined to originate from the same location, but occurring at different times.UNDERWATER EARTHQUAKES’ SOUND WAVES REVEAL CHANGES IN OCEAN WARMINGCAROLYN GRAMLINGSEPTEMBER 17, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Meanwhile, Oracle, which has long dominated the warehouse space, is expected to move more slowly in its transformation, per my colleague Aaron Pressman.THE RISKS OF SNOWFLAKE’S IPOLUCINDA SHENSEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
Sultan notes that she and her colleagues found that people who had GI symptoms also took more time to seek care.GOOGLE SEARCH DATA CAN HELP PINPOINT COVID-19 HOTSPOTS BEFORE THEY FLARE UPKAT ESCHNERSEPTEMBER 15, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The director, a member of a five-person committee that regularly interacts with DHS over election security matters, told her colleagues that there is a point of contact within the agency — and it’s not Quinn.NO DEMOCRATS ALLOWED: A CONSERVATIVE LAWYER HOLDS SECRET VOTER FRAUD MEETINGS WITH STATE ELECTION OFFICIALSBY MIKE SPIES, JAKE PEARSON AND JESSICA HUSEMANSEPTEMBER 15, 2020PROPUBLICA
Those execs are also working with colleagues in the agency network’s talent and insight teams in order to ensure the developments have an impact on the business, not just the workplace.‘IT’S ALL BEEN PLAN, PLAN, PLAN MODE:’ AGENCIES HAVE BIG IDEAS FOR GREATER DIVERSITY, BUT MORE ACTION IS NEEDEDSEB JOSEPHSEPTEMBER 15, 2020DIGIDAY
In the meantime, Greaves and colleagues want to confirm the new phosphine detection in other wavelengths of light.PHOSPHINE GAS FOUND IN VENUS’ ATMOSPHERE MAY BE ‘A POSSIBLE SIGN OF LIFE’LISA GROSSMANSEPTEMBER 14, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
In the clinical trial, which began May 1, Turner and colleagues are tracking around 100 people’s symptoms and the amount of virus in their noses, a measurement that might indicate whether someone is more or less contagious.TREATMENTS THAT TARGET THE CORONAVIRUS IN THE NOSE MIGHT HELP PREVENT COVID-19LAURA SANDERSSEPTEMBER 14, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
They offer the comfort and mobility of their ankle-length colleagues, but their short stature prevents excessive heat and sweat.WHY I LIVE IN BIKE SHORTSALETA BURCHYSKISEPTEMBER 13, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
I was convinced that after I’d let go of their friends and colleagues, those who stayed would think that the company wasn’t loyal to employees.WHAT IF YOUR COMPANY HAD NO RULES? (BONUS EPISODE)MARIA KONNIKOVASEPTEMBER 12, 2020FREAKONOMICS
To endeavour to establish a case of conspiracy against him, another individual was produced as his colleague.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDSJOHN FOREMAN


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