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It’s the kind of place where the waiter prepares things tableside, like mixing a Manhattan so cold a layer of ice floats on its surface, or tossing a Caesar salad with silver tongs.
For past initiatives, like his $2 billion homelessness directive, members of Bezos’s team cold-called people they knew to figure out who to donate to, instead of opening up a public channel.
I use it every morning to loosen up my back, and if it’s too cold to run, I’ll go through a stretching routine or an online yoga session instead.
A cooler on the porch may be necessary to store meats and cold items.
It’s incredible how much comfort a nongreasy SPF moisturizer adds to your exposed skin on a cold ski day.
People are still clinging to the idea that they must “look good” when dining out, even if it means shivering while taking a bite of your lasagna that went cold 30 seconds after it was served to you.
Sometimes you just wanted to crawl under your blanket and forget about it, it was so cold.
Though Plummer’s character appears cold and strict at first, the real act that melts him and softens his demeanor is hearing his children sing.
Though a wispy layer of fur began to cover Truffles’s raw skin, some remained exposed, and I worried about how she would manage in the cold, suppressing an impulse to swaddle her in my scarf and bring her home.
Not as cold tomorrow night, but light snow showers could develop in the early morning.


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