closes up

[ verb klohz; adjective, adverb klohs or for 51, klohz; noun klohz for 59, 60, 63–65, 67, 68, klohs for 61, 62, 66 ]SEE DEFINITION OF closes up

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


He closes up the barrel and throws it into the sea, and a storm casts it ashore.

"He'll go to her to-night after he closes up," Effie told me.

After proving, the jiggerer fastens the pin, which closes up the breech.

You had better all get out of here before that closes up, for it is your opening to the valley.

When he can't quite catch the idea, he closes up his brain-cells for ten minutes and sleeps, then up and after it again.

Then came the crowd in-surging like the wave That closes up the gash the clipper clave.

It lends spirit and color to the finale, and closes up the work with a fine burst of powerful effect.

If he closes up the two superior, then he is not truly in the third but descends out of it into mere Nature or Hell.

Some hearts is that luscious and pasty you can stab 'em and it closes up so yu'd never suspicion the place—but Lin McLean!

It is a large stopper which plunges into and closes up the opening to the trap by means of its own weight when released.