[ kan-tn, -ton, kan-ton for 1–7; kan-ton, -tohn, or, esp. British, -toon for 8 ]SEE DEFINITION OF cantoned
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Most of these had, at one time or other, been cantoned with the Pioneers.

Several detachments from the Regiment were cantoned in various parts of the country, where they had but miserable accommodation.

Those who are married, have each of them a corner of the tent, cantoned off with a curtain.

Some armorists call them cantoned as they form a square figure.

The troops were at once cantoned among the inhabitants, who gladly supplied them with everything they required.

The infantry in which all the cantoned troops serve consist of twenty-six regiments and two battalions.

Col. Brady did not leave his command till after the snow fell, and he saw them tolerably "cantoned."

A sepoy regiment in the Bengal army was cantoned in ten rows of huts, a company of 100 sepoys in each row.

In 1857 four regiments of sepoys were cantoned at Cawnpore, namely, three of infantry and one of light cavalry.

He found on arrival that the king had, ten days before, gone to Landshut, round which place a portion of his army was cantoned.