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Push back to March 13, and maybe the Atlanta concept would seem less burdensome.
They are also trying to put new burdensome mandates directly on traditional public schools, which many see as the country’s most important civic education.
If parts of the ad operation happen inside the device at the browser level, the data storage and processing demands will be too burdensome and possibly even discriminatory against people with limited data plans, Blanchard said.
However, British exporters will face an array of new regulatory hurdles that will make it more costly and burdensome to do business in Europe.
Finally, I discovered that MTS is required to provide discounted fares for certain disabled riders, but even seasoned doctors and service providers found the process to get discounts burdensome and confusing – and MTS rejected lots of applications.
Senkler’s suspicion is that complex I was too burdensome to keep.
When you can save someone’s life with steps that might not be easy but are not overly burdensome, you should do so.
Meaningful reform must begin, though, by first recognizing that the regulatory system is more than just a system of burdensome legal obligations.
It will also be burdensome for the United States Postal Service, which under new postmaster general Louis DeJoy, had initially decreased mailbox availability and the use of sorting machines, leading to long delays in delivery.
Although the cases were dropped, the matter turned out to be financially burdensome to Ramos.


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