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Hana itself, with a population of 800, isn’t much more than a bump in the road, but it’s a hiker’s paradise.
After the shot, he caught up with colleagues whom he had not seen in person since the spring, saying goodbye with elbow bumps.
Castillo said he already has seen a bump in inquiries from young people for his studio.
Still, women are perceived as talking more than men, even when they don’t, and while men benefit from talking more—listeners find them to be more competent—women don’t get the same bump.
A little storm passing to the north tonight is our main bump on the way to a pleasant Friday.
Tactile switches produce a bump to let you know that the keystroke has been recorded, while clicky switches produce, as the name suggests, a clicking sound that is similar to the one typewriters make.
Social bonds with your colleagues, in which you have a sense of each other off-the-clock, can smooth over a lot of those bumps, but the spontaneous water-cooler moments that help forge those bonds are hard to come by in an all-remote environment.
That’s a solid bump, considering it took five years for the arm to hit $100 million ARR, and a much smaller time frame to essentially double it.
There may not be a noticeable price bump on menus or at the grocery stores, but companies may look to be more stingy with discounts or promotions.
You, over the course of the year, deal with different bumps and bruises, different injuries and so forth.


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