Thesaurus / britains
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In the second conflict he vanquished the Britains, not without great danger of his people.

These things ordered, the Romans bad the Britains farewell, not minding to returne thither againe.

Centwine fought with the Britains, and ouercame them in battell, pursuing them with fire and sword vnto the sea side.

If so, Britains sons may be called upon to repeat itand they will, too, if ever Russia attempts to interfere with India.

Britains and Romans were fighting side by side, so closely packed that sometimes it was hard to strike.

The woorthie practises of Agricola to traine the Britains to ciuilitie.

Moreouer, such strange sights and woonders as chanced about the same time, pricked the Britains the rather forward.

And thus much of the Britains, and their kings Coilus and Lucius.

But the chaplain is not here, as in other little Britains, the centre of social life; he is superseded by the doctor.

He told them that they vsed manie Thre things required by Augustine of the Britains to be observed.