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Because neutrinos from FRBs are expected to be rare, detecting any will be challenging, and would probably require a particularly bright magnetar flare to be aimed directly at Earth.
Over the course of the next three movements, Beethoven tries to overcome a dark real-world fate with bright, major-key melodies — and keeps getting defeated.
Twenty-three years ago, a job at Art Van Furniture was a foothold for a brighter future.
Across a spectrum of professions from finance to entertainment, some of the brightest young minds use podcasts to stay sharp and informed.
So maybe Tenet is Nolan’s way of focusing us on those mysteries, of creating a 21st-century Sator square on a big, bright screen.
A new device uses the contrast between bright spots and shade to create an electric current.
As HP CHRO Tracy Keogh put it, “that’s been a real bright spot for me.”
The bright spotlight switched on mercilessly, and there I was, on stage, seen by others as someone with a vision and a voice.
Thad Kousser, the chair of UCSD’s Department of Political Science, said there are bright lines in campaign finance laws because the money is merely a means to an end — an election — and not vehicles for personal enrichment.
I hope that we can all look at a direction that just sees a better and brighter America, that we can put America and Americans first and come together and believe in that.


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