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And thus day rolled on day, till it was now the eve before their bridals.

Eugene Aram, CompleteEdward Bulwer-Lytton

Messer Roberto di Lincoln, with his summer alb over his shoulders, is the true chorister for the bridals of earth and sky.

The Vision of Sir LaunfalJames Russell Lowell

After the two bridals, he remembered his first passing through the flame, and his love for Brynhild returned.

The Edda, Vol. 2Winifred Faraday

"I have known younger men who would seem less brisk at bridals," said Asmund, and for that time they talked no more of the matter.

Eric BrighteyesH. Rider Haggard

He arranged the parties, engineered the bridals, conducted the funerals.

Fifth AvenueArthur Bartlett Maurice

Its presence at bridals would seem to suggest that it was dedicated to hope as well as to memory.

The Book of ChristmasThomas K. Hervey

On that day month which saw Glanville's release, my bridals were appointed.

Pelham, CompleteEdward Bulwer-Lytton

Think not, dear, that I forget your griefs because I do not speak much of them, but bridals and buryings are strange company.

The Lady Of BlossholmeH. Rider Haggard

And if at my bridals thou wish to appear, Behind thou must leave all thy red golden gear.

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