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Data breaches, theft, and industrial accidents happen, and manufacturers have systems and functions in place to try to prevent them.

Zoom must also undergo a security assessment by an independent third party every two years, and notify the FTC in the event of any data breach.

She was using her phone to take video of the scene at the time, as were others nearby who saw activity by fish and birds and hoped they might soon capture a whale breach, which occurs when most or all of the whale’s body leaves the water.

Businesses that suffer data breaches as a result of lax cybersecurity will also no longer be able to avoid fines by fixing their security holes within 30 days of a data leak.

A muzzleloader is a specific class of single-shot rifle that is loaded from the open end of the barrel as opposed to through the breach, such as with a bolt action or semi-automatic rifle.

Before the pandemic, the home had accumulated $105,000 in fines for health and safety breaches and faced the loss of Medicare funding.

The state and consortium are also suing each other, alleging breach of contract.

The carrot-and-stick approach taken by authorities has also helped, with A$1,500 payments for people who couldn’t afford to self-isolate and court-imposed fines of as much as A$20,000 for repeat breaches of isolation orders.

As the standard setters, the IAB is responsible for breaches of the GDPR.

The company told Axios during the outage that it had "no evidence of a security breach or hack" and was investigating internal causes.

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