Thesaurus / bitters


Bitters, “medicinal wines” and such liquors have no virtues worth speaking of.

He rode along the village street, his mind's ear ringing with Byle's parting advice: "Don't forget the bitters."

A Dream of EmpireWilliam Henry Venable

In the good old days its root was an important part of spring bitters.

In Pastures GreenPeter McArthur

The former are simply appetizers, usually of the bitters class, and are taken before meals.

It has recently been highly recommended in dyspepsia, combined with other bitters or aperients.

But a glass of bitters, followed by half a grapefruit and a large cup of coffee, made him more nearly his usual cheerful self.

ThirtyHoward Vincent O'Brien

He gave her some bitters to take, but she died a few days afterwards.

Fenellan proposed a glass of sherry and bitters at his Club over the way.

After the first effort none of the bitters were offered for sale or trade insofar as the Clipper's supply was concerned.

The doctor had for a long time been treating86 it with bitters.

Bouvard and PcuchetGustave Flaubert
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