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According to Deadline, Apple acquired the film "following a competitive bidding war" involving four bidders, including multiple studios and another streaming company.
Target impression share bidding will optimize your bids in order to maximize your ad impressions on the SERPs.
If advertisers’ campaigns do not have a set automated strategy currently set up, they will lose access to manual bidding this spring.
The first executive said Taboola has come to the publisher with offerings that “start to play on the more traditional ad banner types of inventory” usually associated with header bidding.
In such a scenario, would Apple open up a bidding war for the opportunity, or would it do something fairly shocking… create its own search engine.
Instead of providing surveillance testing, López said, the city is forcing the district to engage in a competitive bidding process to access the service.
So we’d upweight our bid, we were just running enhanced CPC for this as opposed to the bidding strategies, we would upweight our bid on those days in particular.
In April 2013, Filner announced he would take Hughes up on his offer, nixing a bidding process that ended with the selection of another firm.
From there, the ad tech vendor can add this data into bidding strategies for advertisers looking to buy inventory from the open marketplace.
The ability to code messenger RNA to do our bidding will transform medicine.


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