Antonyms for beveling

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The support in front should be diminished either by turning the shoe up at the toe or by beveling it under the toe (fig. 5a).

Side notching and beveling of the blade apparently started in this period.

Notching and beveling seems to reach a climax on larger points in the early Archaic period.

The retouch that produces the beveling also produces fine serrations on some examples.

Sometimes longer, more even flakes were removed in beveling one edge of each face.

The shoulder barbs are weak, and are usually the result of beveling of the blade.

Short flakes struck from the basal edge often resulted in a beveling of the basal edge.

Except for the beveling of the mold for the curtain wall recesses, the framing is all plain saw and hammer work.

Begin work by squaring up the posts to length and beveling the top ends, then trim the back and side boards.

Start to work on the four posts by squaring them up to the proper length in pairs and beveling the tops as shown.