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In fact, Bayer is no guide at all with reference to star magnitudes.

Bayer also rated it 3, and since his time it has been variously estimated from 3½ to 4.

Next in the order of time comes the work of Bayer, whose method of naming the stars has already been described.

The work of Bayer was published under the title of Uranometria, of which the first edition appeared in 1601.

In several catalogues since Bayer, new italic letters have been added by various astronomers.

He assigned numbers to all the brighter stars in the order of their right ascension, irrespective of the letters used by Bayer.

It is very common in our modern catalogues to give both the Bayer letter and the Flamsteed number in the case of Bayer stars.

He slightly altered the Bayer system by introducing numbers instead of Greek letters.

Hence in the Bayer system the same star may have different names in different catalogues.

Their first tenor, Bayer, I do not like; his intonation is defective.