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While luxuriating in the simulated pine barren, the visitor might ponder how to preserve real ones.IN THE GALLERIES: A HEIGHTENED HOMAGE TO TREES AND WHAT THEY CAN TEACH USMARK JENKINSMAY 7, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Those massive underwater forests have been reduced to thin thickets popping out of an otherwise largely barren seafloor.URCHIN TAKEOVER UNDERLIES CALIFORNIA’S VANISHING KELP FORESTSANUSHREE DAVEMAY 7, 2021SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
It’s got a large and diverse ensemble cast, spread out over the world’s fictional topography — from barren battlefields to opulent cities modeled after places like Amsterdam, Vladivostok, and Moscow.NETFLIX’S SHADOW AND BONE IS A MUDDLED, JOYLESS CHECKLIST OF FANTASY TROPESCONSTANCE GRADYAPRIL 23, 2021VOX
Bunshaft’s original design was a barren plaza, rich in geometry but poor in foliage and shade.HOW A ROCK WALL AND POOL OF WATER HAVE THROWN A WRENCH INTO THE REDESIGN OF HIRSHHORN SCULPTURE GARDENPHILIP KENNICOTTAPRIL 16, 2021WASHINGTON POST
A world we have come to see as entirely barren, is now, we know, at least a little less so.MARS HAS MUCH MORE WATER THAN PREVIOUSLY KNOWN—BUT THERE'S A CATCHJEFFREY KLUGERMARCH 16, 2021TIME
Either way, with PS4 controllers only supported on PS4 games and the market for third-party PS5 controllers almost entirely barren, the DualSense is more or less the only option PS5 owners have.SONY’S DUALSENSE CONTROLLER FOR THE PLAYSTATION 5 IS $10 OFF TODAYARS STAFFMARCH 11, 2021ARS TECHNICA
Nothing, however, can save us but a union, which would turn our barren hills into fruitful valleys.THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
The cost of extraction varies in different localities, depending mainly on the mass of barren rock to be encountered and removed.ASBESTOSROBERT H. JONES
There the quantity of barren overlying rock and earth is enormous, and detracts immensely from the value of the mines.ASBESTOSROBERT H. JONES
The coast is sandy, and from M. Peron's description, barren and unprofitable.NARRATIVE OF A SURVEY OF THE INTERTROPICAL AND WESTERN COASTS OF AUSTRALIA] [VOLUME 2 OF 2]PHILLIP PARKER KING


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