Thesaurus / barreled


He barreled into the intersection; his step-plate ground the concrete as he made a screaming left turn.

TriplanetaryEdward Elmer Smith

It is finger-cold, and prudent farmers get in their barreled apples.

An English GrammarW. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell

The two men who had started toward the barrels and barreled fish came running back.

The Spell of the White SturgeonJames Arthur Kjelgaard

The evaporation of it makes turpentine; the rosin is barreled and shipped to make glass.

This was the 'spirit-house,' used for the storage of the spirits of turpentine when barreled for market, and awaiting shipment.

Water in the camp was scarce, so there was a resort to barreled beer and dynamite.

The brood is caught and barreled for export to Holland and other places, especially the Thames oyster farms.

The Ocean World:Louis Figuier

Our soldiers needed the hams and the barreled pork, so shortly more hogs came to market.

De Boer was advancing upon it, with his barreled projector half levelled.

The wagon, under a load of barreled pork and general supplies, had slumped into a hole and suffered a "general giving-way."

John March, SouthernerGeorge W. Cable
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