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Now, we have new revelations about how they were so worried about Jimmy McCain’s health as a newborn, they had him baptized in the hospital on fears he might not make it out of the maternity ward.CINDY MCCAIN OPENS UP — ON HER TERMSPHILIP ELLIOTTAPRIL 27, 2021TIME
I knew I was ready to tackle whatever life hurled at me next, baptized in sunshine and smiles.OTHERWORLDLY ADVENTURE AT CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARKEMILY PENNINGTONMARCH 24, 2021OUTSIDE ONLINE
She has helped secure legal requirements for background checks and drug testing for those working with children after several abuse cases, but she remains worried about evangelists who baptize children without their parents’ permission.THE NATIVE AMERICANS CHANGING THE WORLDNICK FOURIEZOSMARCH 17, 2021OZY
Ebenezer is the church where King was baptized in 1929 and he credited it for laying the foundation of his success.HOW ONE ATLANTA CHURCH IMPACTED MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT AND INCOMING SEN. RAPHAEL WARNOCKOLIVIA B. WAXMANJANUARY 14, 2021TIME
This was why we resolved, at the time of our arrival, not to baptize any adults unless they were previously well catechized.THE JESUIT RELATIONS AND ALLIED DOCUMENTS, VOL. II: ACADIA, 1612-1614VARIOUS
Father Biard went to the afflicted parent of the boy, and asked whether he might, with his consent, baptize the dying child.THE JESUIT RELATIONS AND ALLIED DOCUMENTS, VOL. II: ACADIA, 1612-1614VARIOUS
"I baptize thee," broke the silence, time after time, amid the tiny splashes of falling water.TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRYGRACE MILLER WHITE
A well-known politician, who died only recently, was born in the village, and the old rector was called on to baptize him.CURIOUS CHURCH CUSTOMSVARIOUS
But it was not thought safe to baptize him in Galicia, so he was sent to Bellson, in Berlin, who baptized him in 1846.SOME JEWISH WITNESSES FOR CHRISTREV. A. BERNSTEIN, B.D.
Let me but baptize thee with the water thou wouldst have drunk, and all will yet be well.TALES FROM THE LANDS OF NUTS AND GRAPESCHARLES SELLERS AND OTHERS


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