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Because they could not obtain bank financing, the company’s founders believed their only option was borrowing from hard-money lenders at exorbitant rates.OPPORTUNITY ZONES HAVEN’T FULLY REACHED THEIR POTENTIAL, BUT DON’T WRITE THEM OFF YETJAKEMETHSEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
The Fed prefers a little inflation because that gives the central bank more room to cut or raise short-term interest rates.FED LEAVES SHORT-TERM INTEREST RATES UNCHANGED AT NEARLY ZEROLEE CLIFFORDSEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
The actual total is probably higher because many banks eliminate staff without disclosing their plans.THE INCREDIBLY SHRINKING BANKING SECTOR IS HEADING FOR NEAR-RECORD JOB LOSSES THIS YEARBERNHARD WARNERSEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
Fraser, of course, will become the first woman chief executive of a big Wall Street bank in February.WHY ONE OF THE WORLD’S FEW FEMALE BANK CEOS DECIDED TO STEP DOWNCLAIRE ZILLMAN, REPORTERSEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
Russak-Aminoach’s decision to join Team8 is a stark departure from her prior role leading a legacy bank that dates back to 1902.SHE WAS ONE OF THE WORLD’S FEW FEMALE BANK CEOS. NOW SHE’S FOUNDING A FINTECH VENTURE GROUPCLAIRE ZILLMAN, REPORTERSEPTEMBER 15, 2020FORTUNE
This is problematic for the country at large because restaurants are like banks.MOMOFUKU’S DAVID CHANG ON THE BIG CHANGES THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY NEEDS TO MAKE TO SURVIVEBETH KOWITTSEPTEMBER 14, 2020FORTUNE
The central bank is currently adding about $80 billion of Treasuries a month.AMERICA’S $20 TRILLION DEBT IS GETTING CHEAPER AS IT GROWSMCKENNA MOORESEPTEMBER 12, 2020FORTUNE
The message received by investors was that the central bank was essentially guaranteeing bond prices wouldn’t fall too far.THE BIG CORPORATE RESCUE AND THE AMERICA THAT’S TOO SMALL TO SAVEBY LYDIA DEPILLIS, JUSTIN ELLIOTT AND PAUL KIELSEPTEMBER 12, 2020PROPUBLICA
Until now, no woman has ever run a major Wall Street bank—despite the ascendance of many qualified executives more than a decade ago, as Fortune’s Claire Zillman reported last year.CITIGROUP NAMES JANE FRASER CEO, SHATTERING WALL STREET’S GLASS CEILINGMARIA ASPANSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
The Scandinavian-style property sits on the bank of the Erfalik River, one of the world’s best Arctic char fisheries.27 EPIC TRIPS TO START PLANNING NOWTHE EDITORSSEPTEMBER 8, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE


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