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He consequently dines secretly with his old friend Bunker and, through that trickster’s baleful influence, soon finds himself in a Scottish castle, passing himself off as its new laird, Lord Tulliwuddle.CHEER YOURSELF UP WITH LIGHT COMEDIES FROM ANOTHER ERAMICHAEL DIRDAMARCH 31, 2021WASHINGTON POST
If you’re ever at a loss to account for why this country is gripped by hatred and belief in baleful falsehoods, click on a few of them.TEN OMISSIONS FROM FOX NATION’S REMEMBRANCE OF RUSH LIMBAUGHERIK WEMPLEFEBRUARY 18, 2021WASHINGTON POST
A cry I was quite unable to suppress escaped me, and the creature turned on the instant and stared at me with baleful eyes.THREE MORE JOHN SILENCE STORIESALGERNON BLACKWOOD
As the animal crouched at Bascomb's feet, his baleful eyes turned in the boy's direction, and he growled menacingly.MOTOR MATT'S "CENTURY" RUNSTANLEY R. MATTHEWS
Nita groaned, and looked down with loathing eyes at the baleful jewel that hung loosely on her wasted hand.THEY LOOKED AND LOVEDMRS. ALEX MCVEIGH MILLER
I feared, the "luck of the Le Moynes" and their baleful motto.THE ROSE OF OLD ST. LOUISMARY DILLON
He had toiled until he held the baleful genie in a glass vessel partially filled with water, and the sprite could not be seen.STEAM STEEL AND ELECTRICITYJAMES W. STEELE
It was in the stifling of all the youth and ambition of my nature by the baleful weight of her age-old weariness of intellect.THE WASTED GENERATIONOWEN JOHNSON
Spirits whose baleful influences are feared by man are happily easily tricked.THE SCIENCE OF FAIRY TALESEDWIN SIDNEY HARTLAND
The vision he had had of faultless beauty, at once blessed and baleful, was engraved upon his heart and brain.COURT BEAUTIES OF OLD WHITEHALLW. R. H. TROWBRIDGE


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dissilientadjective | [dih-sil-ee-uhnt ]SEE DEFINITION