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They feed on ineffective government — and their great appeal is that they claim to replace it with a government that is effective through their own autocratic power.THE DEFINITIVE CASE FOR ENDING THE FILIBUSTEREZRA KLEINOCTOBER 1, 2020VOX
Each of these countries has different political systems, so obviously autocratic systems could in a positive way or a negative way do good or do bad.HOW ONE FEMALE CEO SEES THE GLASS CEILINGFIONA ZUBLINSEPTEMBER 28, 2020OZY
The deal is also under pressure from a changing regulatory environment in China, with the country’s autocratic leadership changing its export rules to possibly include elements of TikTok that could limit a transaction, and perhaps scuttle its sale.CHINA MAY KILL TIKTOK’S U.S. OPERATIONS RATHER THAN SEE THEM SOLDALEX WILHELMSEPTEMBER 11, 2020TECHCRUNCH
Steinbrenner was the autocratic owner of the New York Yankees.THE ECONOMICS OF SPORTS GAMBLING (EP. 388 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERAUGUST 20, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Even before the covid-19 crisis, the world was in the midst of an autocratic resurgence.COVID-19 AND THE GEOPOLITICS OF AMERICAN DECLINEKATIE MCLEANAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
If we turn again in a new direction, it will at any rate not be in the direction of a return to autocratic mediævalism.THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICESTEPHEN LEACOCK
Beside autocratic kingship it shines with a white light; it is obviously the portal of the future.THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICESTEPHEN LEACOCK
That he was an autocratic chairman, his brother directors, were they now living, would I am sure attest.FIFTY YEARS OF RAILWAY LIFE IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELANDJOSEPH TATLOW
The autocratic emperors of Rome went so far as to claim in some cases to be gods themselves.MAN AND HIS ANCESTORCHARLES MORRIS
He substitutes the constitutional system for the autocratic system, a responsible ministry for an absolute conjugal monarchy.THE PETTY TROUBLES OF MARRIED LIFE, COMPLETEHONORE DE BALZAC


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