aqua vitae

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On this page you'll find 58 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to aqua vitae, such as: alcohol, alcoholic liquor, booze, hard liquor, intoxicant, and liquor.

How to use aqua vitae in a sentence

  • We decide to have a round drink: they choose the precious aqua vitae: the white sort I think.

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence
  • Thou wilt await at Cumnor Place my further orders; and, as thou livest, beware of the ale-bench and the aqua vitae flask.

    Kenilworth | Sir Walter Scott
  • Bradford mentions "aqua vitae" as a constituent of their lunch on the exploring party of November 15.

  • "Truly a potent aqua vitae," he remarked, still with thoughtful melancholy.

    To Have and To Hold | Mary Johnston
  • I would give all the pohickory that was ever brewed by heathen for a toss of aqua vitae!

    To Have and To Hold | Mary Johnston

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