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This gives to the second volume something of the smell of an apple store-room.PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI, VOLUME 107, NOVEMBER 3, 1894VARIOUS
Twenty acres of apple trees all in a orchard together, and twenty acres of strawberries set out betwixt and between the rows!THE BONDBOYGEORGE W. (GEORGE WASHINGTON) OGDEN
All this while Squinty was chewing on the apple which he had picked up from the ground after he had jumped over the rope.SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIGRICHARD BARNUM
And it did not take Squinty long to learn to jump the rope when there was no apple on the other side.SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIGRICHARD BARNUM
Then Squinty would toss the apple up in the air, off his nose, and catch it as it came down.SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIGRICHARD BARNUM
The Polish insurgents surrendered to the Prussian troops, after great slaughter, at Posen.THE EVERY DAY BOOK OF HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGYJOEL MUNSELL
It is a fine marble, much too hard to admit of minute carving, but taking a high polish.TOBACCO; ITS HISTORY, VARIETIES, CULTURE, MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCEE. R. BILLINGS.
It is of an exceedingly hard, densely compact nature; from its hardness difficult to work, but susceptible of a very high polish.ASBESTOSROBERT H. JONES
I must first make a dish of apple-sauce for the seven and seventy guests who are coming to my wedding-feast.THE NURSERY, JULY 1873, VOL. XIV. NO. 1VARIOUS
In the middle of his singing he felt the cold touch of the Crab's claw on the apple of his throat.KIPLING STORIES AND POEMS EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW, BOOK IIRUDYARD KIPLING


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