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The situation has left Adidas and numerous other companies trying to walk the line of appeasing China’s large and valuable audience of shoppers while professing a zero-tolerance policy for forced labor to customers in the US and Europe.ADIDAS IS TRYING TO HAVE IT BOTH WAYS ON XINJIANGMARC BAINMAY 7, 2021QUARTZ
Many blame the prime minister for appeasing voters’ wishes over protecting them.INDIANS RUN FOR THE EXITS, TAKING COVID RISKS WITH THEM TO NEPAL, DUBAI FROM A DYING NATIONBARBIE LATZA NADEAUMAY 7, 2021THE DAILY BEAST
It’s possible Laschet could pull Germany back from some environmental commitments if he becomes chancellor — although he also could feel pressure to appease the Greens should they gain seats in the September elections.CAN GERMANY LEAD WITHOUT MERKEL?NICK FOURIEZOSAPRIL 14, 2021OZY
A month later, Sulake announced the return of an older version of “Habbo” through a downloadable client, a temporary workaround to appease an unhappy player base before the full transition.FLASH IS DEAD. THESE GAMES FROM THE EARLY 2000S HOPE TO LIVE ON.ELISE FAVIS, SHANNON LIAOAPRIL 8, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The censor board was appeased, and so were conservative activist groups, and a winning formula was born.NETFLIX V MODI AND THE BATTLE FOR INDIAN CINEMA’S SOULKONSTANTIN KAKAESMARCH 24, 2021MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
In the time of destruction they shall pour out their force: and they shall appease the wrath of him that made them.THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSIONVARIOUS
Some affirm that he wrote to please royalty, but if so why did he not condemn the custom to appease the wrath of a sapient king.TOBACCO; ITS HISTORY, VARIETIES, CULTURE, MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCEE. R. BILLINGS.
This policy is necessary to appease the opposition that might be interposed in their behalf.THE CONDITION, ELEVATION, EMIGRATION, AND DESTINY OF THE COLORED PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATESMARTIN R. DELANY
An angry controversy resulted, to appease which Theodosius the younger assembled the Council of Ephesus.THE CATACOMBS OF ROMEWILLIAM HENRY WITHROW
Andrea held up her hand to appease the patrician, whose exaggeration annulled his superiority.BALSAMO, THE MAGICIANALEXANDER DUMAS


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