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In one case a pharmacist in Wisconsin managed to sabotage 500 vaccines, apparently driven by his belief in apocalyptic conspiracy theories.WITHOUT LEADERSHIP ON VACCINE ROLLOUT, SCAMS ARE INEVITABLEBOBBIE JOHNSONJANUARY 6, 2021MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
We read about people from the past who lived through apocalyptic times.ONE GOOD THING: THE FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN. THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL GAVE ME HOPE ANYWAY.ALISSA WILKINSONJANUARY 1, 2021VOX
America’s tectonic political plates are shifting ahead of an election that’s being cast in apocalyptic terms by both sides.POLITICAL TREMORS: HOW TO SURVIVE ELECTION DAY DRAMANICK FOURIEZOSNOVEMBER 1, 2020OZY
Elaborating on this “apocalyptic confrontation of South and North,” Cheney observes that “Monroe, Madison, and Jefferson believed that splitting Republicans was the point of the Missouri question.”FOUR PRESIDENTS WHO PUT VIRGINIA’S STAMP ON EARLY AMERICAANDREW BURSTEINOCTOBER 30, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Concerns over the combination of overstretched and underfunded health systems and the existing load of infectious and non-infectious diseases often led to it being talked about in apocalyptic terms.SCIENTISTS ON HOW AFRICA HAS SO FAR WEATHERED THE WORST OF COVID-19’S HEALTH IMPACTMOSES ALOBOOCTOBER 10, 2020QUARTZ
So, that’s another hint that the outflow may not be as apocalyptic as some people think — at least not yet.IS NEW YORK CITY OVER? (EP. 434)STEPHEN J. DUBNEROCTOBER 8, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Amid the clamor of apocalyptic coverage, few are talking about what it would take to thrive in, instead of fear, a climate-changed future.GENERATION Z IS ‘TRAUMATIZED’ BY CLIMATE CHANGE—AND THEY’RE THE KEY TO FIGHTING ITMATTHEWHEIMERAUGUST 19, 2020FORTUNE
That isn’t necessarily all that surprising when you consider we’ve spent the last 30 years building up an increasingly apocalyptic view of our political opponents and their intentions.WHAT HAPPENED IN PORTLAND SHOWS JUST HOW FRAGILE OUR DEMOCRACY ISMAGGIE KOERTH (MAGGIE.KOERTH-BAKER@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)AUGUST 5, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
It was poetry and the drama, and processions and apocalyptic visions.WAYSIDE COURTSHIPSHAMLIN GARLAND
She flashed before him, an Apocalyptic angel, splended and terrible, trumpet-calling him to the last great fight.HYACINTHGEORGE A. BIRMINGHAM


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