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The games don’t save us, but they allow for a release of all the angst and pressure.THIS ODD SUPER BOWL WILL BRING US TOGETHER FOR A DAY. LET’S NOT TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED.JERRY BREWERFEBRUARY 5, 2021WASHINGTON POST
It is an exceptionally vulnerable stage of life anyway, and this is a generation that has grown up with school-shooter drills and built-in angst about the long-term effects of climate change.DEAR STRUGGLING PARENTS, IT'S NOT JUST YOU. THIS IS HARDSUSANNA SCHROBSDORFFJANUARY 31, 2021TIME
Twelve years after conservatives condemned a Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing radicalization, its conclusion — that the Internet and economic angst were making it easier for extremists to recruit — looks prescient.THE TRAILER: HOW DEMOCRATS PLAN TO FIGHT DOMESTIC TERRORDAVID WEIGELJANUARY 14, 2021WASHINGTON POST
A buildup of angst against ad trackers and app snooping led to major changes in hardware and software alike.THE 100 GREATEST INNOVATIONS OF 2020POPULAR SCIENCE STAFFDECEMBER 2, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
This covid-19 shutdown is the small respite that everyone needed, the pass that is going to prevent an entire subcategory of familial angst in 2020.WILL COVID-19 MAKE THIS THE TURKEY DAY WITHOUT POLITICAL FIGHTS?PETULA DVORAKNOVEMBER 23, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Scanning floor-to-ceiling shelves of K-cups and vacuum-sealed roasted goodness was too daunting with my head already buzzing with pandemic-induced angst.THE CASE FOR INSTANT COFFEEANGELA BURKENOVEMBER 23, 2020EATER
He was just Albert Einstein, a kid, about 17, with a dark cloud of teenage angst and a violin.WHEN EINSTEIN TILTED AT WINDMILLS - ISSUE 93: FORERUNNERSAMANDA GEFTERNOVEMBER 18, 2020NAUTILUS
These factors and the looming idea of backlash after the election has created a heightened sense of angst for Pacheco.HIGH ANXIETYTRUTHBETOLDNOVEMBER 4, 2020TRUTHBETOLD.NEWS
Kristi says not all of the songs are autobiographical, but snapshots into a world that rebrands teen angst as a lesson about never underestimating your own feelings.BEABADOOBEE WANTS TO SHOW YOU SHE’S MORE THAN A VIRAL TIKTOK SONGANYING GUOOCTOBER 29, 2020WASHINGTON POST
The angst among CSL workers began in March, when corporate guidance stated that “a mask does not adequately protect healthy people from an infection of coronavirus.”FOREIGN MASKS, FEAR AND A FAKE CERTIFICATION: STAFF AT CSL PLASMA SAY CONDITIONS AT DONATION CENTERS AREN’T SAFEBY J. DAVID MCSWANESEPTEMBER 21, 2020PROPUBLICA


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