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Not only can an arm lift your display off a surface, freeing the desktop up for other uses and reducing wire clutter, but it also brings the screen to a comfortable height and allows you the flexibility to pivot and view it from a number of angles.THE BEST MONITOR ARMS FOR DESK-MOUNTING YOUR DISPLAYPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMAUGUST 26, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Once again, human eyes can only guess what the actual angle had been.A ROBOT REFEREE CAN REALLY KEEP ITS ‘EYE’ ON THE BALLKATHRYN HULICKAUGUST 20, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
In our brains, neurons in specialized regions of the visual cortex register certain general elements in what the eyes see, such as the edges of objects, lines tilted at particular angles, and color.THE BIAS IN THE MACHINE - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDESIDNEY PERKOWITZAUGUST 19, 2020NAUTILUS
To bring the image into the lens, the phone has a prism to reflect light into the lens at an angle, like a submarine’s periscope.SAMSUNG NOTE20 ULTRA REVIEW: WHY THIS BIG PHONE WORKS FOR THE COVID ERAAARON PRESSMANAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
The researchers presented people with images of coins titled at various angles.THIS VISION EXPERIMENT RESOLVED A CENTURIES-OLD PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATE - FACTS SO ROMANTICJIM DAVIESAUGUST 14, 2020NAUTILUS
When you pitch writers, make sure to include the emotional data points and angles prominently.WANT MEDIA COVERAGE? MAKE SURE YOUR CONTENT IS EMOTIONALAMANDA MILLIGANAUGUST 7, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
The Möbius strip can be rotated by any angle between 0 and 360 degrees, and he proved that one-third of those rotations yield an intersection between the original and the rotated copy.NEW GEOMETRIC PERSPECTIVE CRACKS OLD PROBLEM ABOUT RECTANGLESKEVIN HARTNETTJUNE 25, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Those signals, called specular reflections, occur when electromagnetic waves bounce off of a flat surface at the same angle they went in, like light off a mirror.FLAT SPOTS ON SATURN’S MOON TITAN MAY BE THE FLOORS OF ANCIENT LAKE BEDSLISA GROSSMANJUNE 16, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
At the park, the students find their assigned flag posts, armed with their rocket, notebook, pencil and angle finder.SCIENCE ISN’T JUST FOR SCIENTISTSSILKE SCHMIDTMARCH 5, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
We’ve really been hit from a lot of different angles over the years.THE FUTURE OF MEAT (EP. 367 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERAUGUST 29, 2019FREAKONOMICS


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