Synonyms for anaesthesia

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In Boston a monument has been erected to the discoverer of anaesthesia.

Rather than hurt her he found himself forced to the use of anaesthesia, which he hated.

Anaesthesia, antisepsis, and the natural methods of cure were all anticipated in the medieval time.

Now I've stumbled on a soporific philosophy, and am getting all I can out of the anaesthesia, and you are reproaching me.

Anaesthesia, in its present sense, is truly a modern discovery, which is to be credited to the United States.

Anaesthesia Sexualis status est in quo vir aut mulier omnino caret sensatione sexuali.

Tiger had taken over the anaesthesia, keeping the patient under as light a dosage of medication as was possible.

The situation was bad; the anaesthesia had already gone on too long, and the blood chemistry record showed progressive failure.

If we could get him cooled down enough, we could lighten the anaesthesia and maintain him as is, indefinitely.

Hysterical women in the primary stage of anaesthesia, sometimes imagine themselves the victims of assault.