[ am-uh-rin-dee-uh n ]

Synonyms for amerindians

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


He has worked his way for years in the interests of the Amerindians, Hawaiians, and Maories.

The attack on the ship must be stepped up, or the Amerindians would be forced to retreat.

The Amerindians were the kick of that human explosion eastward which occurred some time during the Wurm ice age.

"I'd just as soon the human race didn't go the way of the Amerindians," Turnbull said.

The Amerindians were intensely interested in the arrival of the first sailing vessel they had ever seen.

When he awoke he told the Amerindians of his dream, and they were greatly impressed, as they regarded it as a good omen.

That is not the impression one derives from the many pen portraits of Amerindians in the journals of the great pioneers.

The hostility, curiously enough, manifested itself much more among the Amerindians than the settlers of French blood.

Apparently, these beautiful dogs were left behind still tethered by the wicked Amerindians, after the massacre of their owners.

The first great blow to the Amerindians of these regions was the smallpox epidemic of 1780.