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At'ala, the name of a novel by François Auguste Chateaubriand.

They passed Roveredo; they drew near to Ala, the last village in the Emperor's territories.

ClementinaA.E.W. Mason

The people endeavored to kill the prize, but without success till Aiai came and threw three ala stones at it and killed it.

A Chala (or ala) means one who is born of a Brahman woman by a dra husband, such a union being an abomination.

The Basis of MoralityArthur Schopenhauer

But how has it come about that the fairy “Ala” has gained such headway in this island of ours?

Cakes & AleEdward Spencer

In answer to your telegram for names of graduates and former students engaged in farming in Ala I send the following.

Ala (plural, al), a wing; the side-petals of a papilionaceous corolla, 92.

Here the conflict was continued with renewed obstinacy, the Indians incessantly crying out: ala lala, al calachoni, al calachoni!

In a good example at Ala Safat (Fig. 22) the floor of the tomb is formed by a single flat slab of stone.

In spite of her starved condition, Ala was an attractive child.

The Inca EmeraldSamuel Scoville