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The two states nicely balance each other, as they can be viewed as something akin to mirror images.VOTE BY MAIL DOESN’T REALLY CHANGE MUCH, ELECTION-WISEJOHN TIMMERAUGUST 27, 2020ARS TECHNICA
This involves managing the voting rights that arise from owning certain cryptocurrencies—a process akin to proxy voting in traditional equity markets.THERE’S (DIGITAL) GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS: CRYPTO GIANT DCG IS BETTING $100 MILLION ON MINING BITCOIN IN NORTH AMERICAJEFFAUGUST 27, 2020FORTUNE
They work because of a phase change, akin to liquid water freezing into ice.THE SHAPE-SHIFTING SQUEEZE COOLERSMARCUS WOOAUGUST 24, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
For instance, the Koch brothers have organized something akin to a party within a party at the state level, where they have influenced Republicans to take unpopular positions on taxes, social benefits and climate policy.WHY THERE ARE SO FEW MODERATE REPUBLICANS LEFTLEE DRUTMAN (DRUTMAN@NEWAMERICA.ORG)AUGUST 24, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
The next year, he won both EVO Japan — he defeated Knee again — and EVO USA, the World Cup of esports fighting games, drawing some 200,000 fans, akin to the number of fans that attend cricket matches in Ash’s home country.AN UNLIKELY ESPORTS STAR EMERGES FROM PAKISTANDANIEL MALLOYAUGUST 21, 2020OZY
He has long advocated for a model akin to that used in Estonia, a country widely seen as a paragon of digital governance.BRAZIL IS SLIDING INTO TECHNO-AUTHORITARIANISMTATE RYAN-MOSLEYAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
In lab experiments, monkeys demonstrated an ability akin to embedding phrases within other phrases, scientists report June 26 in Science Advances.MONKEYS MAY SHARE A KEY GRAMMAR-RELATED SKILL WITH HUMANSBRUCE BOWERJUNE 26, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
That setup, reported in Nature, could correct a type of error called a bit-flip error, akin to a 0 going to a 1.TO LIVE UP TO THE HYPE, QUANTUM COMPUTERS MUST REPAIR THEIR ERROR PROBLEMSEMILY CONOVERJUNE 22, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
However, da Vinci’s 33-barreled organ was more akin to the 19th-century machine gun models – like the Gatling gun that boasted of higher rates of fire without the problem of the barrel getting overheated.14 EXCEPTIONAL WEAPON SYSTEMS FROM HISTORY THAT WERE AHEAD OF THEIR TIMEDATTATREYA MANDALMARCH 26, 2020REALM OF HISTORY
At an early date we find, further, a perfectly useless kind of imitation which is more akin to that of art.CHILDREN'S WAYSJAMES SULLY


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