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It’s always better to find an agreeable solution whenever possible.THE BRAND NAME CONUNDRUM: TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY (YOUR BRAND NAME)?SPONSORED CONTENT: SEISOFEBRUARY 23, 2021SEARCH ENGINE LAND
“The next questions are whether the military is doing this so they can find a way to share power with more agreeable civilian politicians, or whether they’re giving up on power-sharing entirely.”HOW MYANMAR'S FRAGILE PUSH FOR DEMOCRACY COLLAPSED IN A MILITARY COUPAMY GUNIAFEBRUARY 1, 2021TIME
Many users thus consider the change as much more acceptable and agreeable.WHY DARK MODE WEB DESIGNS ARE GAINING POPULARITYAMANDA JERELYNSEPTEMBER 30, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
It’s always satisfying when two players with agreeable games end up on the same team, under a coach who understands their symbiotic energy and optimizes their creativity inside the right system.THE MIAMI HEAT’S DYNAMIC DUO COULD MAKE NOISE IN THE PLAYOFFSMICHAEL PINAAUGUST 12, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
They censored only about 16 percent of the comments they found more politically agreeable.THE ANONYMOUS CULTURE COPS OF THE INTERNET - FACTS SO ROMANTICJESSE SINGALAUGUST 12, 2020NAUTILUS
There is more of artfulness in the flatteries which appear to involve a calculating intention to say the nice agreeable thing.CHILDREN'S WAYSJAMES SULLY
The sailors sometimes use it to fry their meat, for want of butter, and find it agreeable enough.THE LIFE AND MOST SURPRISING ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE, OF YORK, MARINER (1801)DANIEL DEFOE
Still, monsieur, I am willing to proceed upon the lines which would appear to be more agreeable to yourself.ST. MARTIN'S SUMMERRAFAEL SABATINI
Yet it certainly would render the country more agreeable to strangers, whether sojourners or mere travelers.GLANCES AT EUROPEHORACE GREELEY
The alternate hexameter and pentameter are, for most purposes, a more agreeable measure than the hexameter by itself.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOLUME 60, NO. 372, OCTOBER 1846VARIOUS


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