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Children under 2 are nearly always strapped into a car seat — it really isn’t practical, or advisable, to strap a baby into an adult seatbelt.HOW MUCH DO WE REALLY CARE ABOUT CHILDREN? (EP. 447)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJANUARY 14, 2021FREAKONOMICS
A thousand American towns never witness such a phenomenon, yet it has come to a place about 50 minutes northwest of downtown Atlanta, if a trek advisable only by helicopter at certain stages of the day.TREVOR LAWRENCE’S HOMETOWN WILL ROOT FOR HIM WHEREVER HE GOES — EVEN IF HE GOES TO THE JETSCHUCK CULPEPPERDECEMBER 17, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Since wireless earbuds are so often paired to a phone, and since microphone-enabled earbuds are so readily available at a comparable price point, skipping the microphone is generally not advisable unless you have good reason to do so.BEST WIRELESS EARBUDS: FIVE THINGS TO CONSIDERPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMOCTOBER 30, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
They can run for up to 30 hours, but note it’s advisable to give your ears a rest every 2-3 hours.AFFORDABLE HEADPHONES THAT MAKE THE PERFECT GIFTPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 28, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
While it is advisable these days to keep every single blog post focused around one keyword, having two major keywords to rank for in a single blog post is not a bad idea, according to Hubspot.SEO ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET: WHAT SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS CAN DO TO WINALI FAAGBAJUNE 4, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
Would it not be more advisable to write to the London house itself, and explain the object of his coming up?BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, NO. CCCXXXIX. JANUARY, 1844. VOL. LV.VARIOUS
It is advisable for the honor and respect of your Majesty, to put a stop to as much as possible.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, 1493-1898, VOLUME XX, 1621-1624VARIOUS
It was therefore deemed advisable to picket the horses close to the tent, between it and the fire.HUNTING THE LIONSR.M. BALLANTYNE
“There are no sahib-log in the town,” he said, for Malcolm deemed it advisable to begin by a question on that score.THE RED YEARLOUIS TRACY
The crew now lost courage, and affirmed that it would be advisable to turn back and wait for more favourable winds.A WOMAN'S JOURNEY ROUND THE WORLDIDA PFEIFFER


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