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Astonishingly, few mass-market digital learning tools are built or adopted with these pedagogical advancements in mind.WHY HASN’T DIGITAL LEARNING LIVED UP TO ITS PROMISE?WALTER THOMPSONSEPTEMBER 17, 2020TECHCRUNCH
Term positions further provide “limited career advancement possibilities, and no standing when an individual in one of these appointments applies for a full-time position,” it said.NONPERMANENT FEDERAL WORKERS COULD BE HIRED FOR UP TO 10 YEARS UNDER TRUMP PROPOSALERIC YODERSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Mobile gaming companies, for example, slice and dice the trillions of interactions by their users to learn when to offer advancements for free and when to ask for in-app payments.MEET SNOWFLAKE, ONE OF THE BUZZIEST TECH IPOS EVERAARON PRESSMANSEPTEMBER 15, 2020FORTUNE
In November 2019, Milton claimed that Nikola would soon unveil “the biggest advancement we have seen in the battery world.”NEW REPORT CLAIMS WIDESPREAD DECEPTION BY NIKOLA MOTOR AND FOUNDER TREVOR MILTONDZANEMORRISSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
Women’s economic pain from the pandemic could last a lifetime through lost earnings and less potential for job advancement, Scarborough says.HOW COVID-19 WORSENED GENDER INEQUALITY IN THE U.S. WORKFORCESUJATA GUPTASEPTEMBER 9, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
We’re not quite there yet, but SEOs and digital marketers should be prepared for what advancements like GPT-3 could potentially mean for our industry.WHAT THE COMMODITIZATION OF SEARCH ENGINE TECHNOLOGY WITH GPT-3 MEANS FOR GOOGLE AND SEOMANICK BHANAUGUST 21, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
This has already presented itself as an advancement in the way healthcare is considered.THE GLOBAL WORK CRISIS: AUTOMATION, THE CASE AGAINST JOBS, AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT ITPETER XINGAUGUST 6, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
To illustrate perhaps the most important design advancement of Globe Life Field, Fred Ortiz of the firm HKS, the stadium’s principal architect, shared with FiveThirtyEight two images that served as inspiration.MLB’S NEWEST BALLPARK IS A SHIFT AWAY FROM RETRO-ERA STADIUMSTRAVIS SAWCHIKJULY 16, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
In this situation we waited the motion of the enemy, without perceiving any advancement they made towards us.THE LIFE AND MOST SURPRISING ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE, OF YORK, MARINER (1801)DANIEL DEFOE
"There's one road to advancement, and you know where to find the trooper's duty laid down plain," he said, with a dry smile.WINSTON OF THE PRAIRIEHAROLD BINDLOSS


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