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In particular, obesity contributes to a state of insulin resistance, in which the tissues of the body such as muscle, adipose and the liver become less responsive to the signal of insulin to take up and utilize glucose.CAN WE FIX THE BODY’S DYSMETABOLIC STATE?CHARU KASTURIFEBRUARY 24, 2021OZY
It’s got adipose tissue, it’s got loose connective tissue, it’s got hard connective tissue, it’s got the muscle tissue itself.WOULD YOU LIKE “MILK” WITH THAT IMPOSSIBLE BURGER?JAMES TEMPLEOCTOBER 20, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
It’s got some connective tissue, which is sort of a non-woven fabric of protein, and then it’s got the interstitial adipose tissue.WOULD YOU LIKE “MILK” WITH THAT IMPOSSIBLE BURGER?JAMES TEMPLEOCTOBER 20, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
They are two broad folds of membranous and adipose substance, forming the portals to the Vulva, or entrance to the Vagina.THE MATRON'S MANUAL OF MIDWIFERY, AND THE DISEASES OF WOMEN DURING PREGNANCY AND IN CHILDBEDFREDERICK HOLLICK
Let the luckless one ask of me no more; let him call only upon the succulent; let him recruit among the full ranks of the adipose.THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, VOLUME 14, NO. 85, NOVEMBER, 1864VARIOUS
The sedentary habit grew upon him; the vital organs got clogged with adipose tissue.LITTLE JOURNEYS TO THE HOMES OF THE GREAT - VOLUME 12ELBERT HUBBARD
Laura was a cool-headed woman, shrewd and astute, with heart under perfect control, her feelings well upholstered by adipose.LITTLE JOURNEYS TO THE HOMES OF THE GREAT, VOL. 13ELBERT HUBBARD
Such ethereal food is highly unproductive of adipose tissue, and the poet needs adipose like any other man.PUNCHINELLO, VOL. 1, NO. 25, SEPTEMBER 17, 1870VARIOUS
In regard to the adipose membrane the opposite proportion exists; it is much more amply developed with woman than with man.WOMAN AND SOCIALISMAUGUST BEBEL
All tissues are subject to the same, most marked is the disappearance of adipose tissue.PROF. KOCH'S METHOD TO CURE TUBERCULOSIS POPULARLY TREATEDMAX BIRNBAUM


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