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Growers have to adhere to strict oversight, including submitting paperwork each time a plant moves throughout facilities — and its lifecycle.CANIX AIMS TO EASE CANNABIS CULTIVATORS’ REGULATORY BOOKKEEPINGMATT BURNSSEPTEMBER 17, 2020TECHCRUNCH
Water molecules like to adhere to one another, so without any present in the ground to help the flow, they tend to stay on top of the soil.CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES MAY GIVE WAY TO MASSIVE MUDSLIDESULA CHROBAKSEPTEMBER 17, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
By way of summary, Apple's new guidelines say that any streaming game apps simply have to "adhere to all guidelines" for non-streaming apps.APPLE ALLOWS STREAMING GAMES ON IOS, BUT THERE’S A CATCH [UPDATED]KYLE ORLANDSEPTEMBER 11, 2020ARS TECHNICA
China joins the World Trade Organization, agreeing to adhere to multilateral rules enforced by supranational arbitration panels.A BRIEF HISTORY OF US-CHINA ESPIONAGE ENTANGLEMENTSKONSTANTIN KAKAESSEPTEMBER 3, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
All pages in the program are subject to an approval process and must adhere to the platform’s brand safety guidelines.‘WE HONESTLY STAY AWAY FROM IT’: FACEBOOK’S SURGING VIDEO PAGES SPARK BRAND SAFETY CONCERN FOR AD BUYERSMAX WILLENSAUGUST 31, 2020DIGIDAY
The starting five need to adhere to the format of two guards, two forwards and a center.THERE’S NO WNBA ALL-STAR GAME THIS YEAR, BUT WE PICKED THE ROSTERS ANYWAYHOWARD MEGDALAUGUST 26, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
The disinfectant will be applied using electrostatic sprayers, which add an electromagnetic charge to particles of cleaner, making them better adhere to surfaces.AMERICAN AIRLINES TOUTS A NEW TOOL TO COMBAT COVID. BUT DOES IT REALLY MAKE FLYING SAFER?DZANEMORRISAUGUST 24, 2020FORTUNE
In Canada, two Americans were heavily fined for not adhering to their northern neighbor’s entry restrictions.BRACE YOURSELF FOR A WEAK US PASSPORTPALLABI MUNSIAUGUST 5, 2020OZY
The sport is inherently creative in that runners only have to adhere to a fairly vague seven-point list when crafting a route.CANCELED RACES AREN’T STOPPING ENDURANCE ATHLETES FROM SETTING WILD NEW RECORDSANNA WIEDERKEHR (ANNA.WIEDERKEHR@ABC.COM)JULY 20, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
This year, though, Roberts broke the tie, saying that while he still disagreed with the 2016 ruling, he felt he had to adhere to the precedent.ROBERTS IS THE NEW SWING JUSTICE. THAT DOESN’T MEAN HE’S BECOMING MORE LIBERAL.AMELIA THOMSON-DEVEAUXJULY 16, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT


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