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Its CEO is adept at drawing attention to himself and his companies.DOES ELON MUSK EVEN NEED A PR DEPARTMENT?ADAM LASHINSKYOCTOBER 8, 2020FORTUNE
That drove her to become adept at calculating the influence of gluons, which help keep protons intact.SEEING A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR SCIENCE IN THESE INNOVATORSNANCY SHUTEOCTOBER 4, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
New England has been particularly adept at taking away Mahomes’s favorite receivers, which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with a Belichick game plan.PATRICK MAHOMES JUST DOESN’T HAVE BAD GAMESJOSH HERMSMEYEROCTOBER 2, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
As sports betting becomes more and more reliant on technology, you have to wonder what sort of an edge there is to be gained by bettors who are more analytically adept.THE ECONOMICS OF SPORTS GAMBLING (EP. 388 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERAUGUST 20, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Adebayo is also useful as a traditional big man who rolls to the rim, and Robinson is more than adept at spacing the offense.THE MIAMI HEAT’S DYNAMIC DUO COULD MAKE NOISE IN THE PLAYOFFSMICHAEL PINAAUGUST 12, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Insects, the researchers noted, are more adept pollinators than any machine and don’t disrupt existing ecosystems.BUBBLE-BLOWING DRONES MAY ONE DAY AID ARTIFICIAL POLLINATIONMARIA TEMMINGJUNE 22, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
He was skilful in out-door railway work, and an adept in managing trains and traffic.FIFTY YEARS OF RAILWAY LIFE IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELANDJOSEPH TATLOW
In the conduct of his foreign relations, the Bruce proved himself an adept in diplomacy.KING ROBERT THE BRUCEA. F. MURISON
The cebus did not wait to be shown how to do things, but was an adept in devising ways to do them himself.MAN AND HIS ANCESTORCHARLES MORRIS
I could not feel comfortable in the seats and lounges, as they were very low, requiring an oriental squat at which I am not adept.VALLEY OF THE CROENLEE TARBELL


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