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If you get to be a monopoly because we don’t enforce antitrust laws, you’re going to end up making, pre tax, a lot more money than you would otherwise have made if you had to compete in an actual free market.WRITER ANAND GIRIDHARADAS ON TECH’S BILLIONAIRES: “ARE THEY EVEN ON THE SAME TEAM AS US?”CONNIE LOIZOSSEPTEMBER 25, 2020TECHCRUNCH
The actual Mayo Clinic researchers who authored the cited study complained that the FDA “grossly misrepresented” their data.AMID VACCINE TRIALS, THE FDA IS ON TRIAL ITSELFJAKEMETHSEPTEMBER 24, 2020FORTUNE
These controls are more about your privacy and your relationship with Google than actual Android security, but it’s worth noting that the less data you share, the safer you are.ANDROID SECURITY SETTINGS YOU SHOULD CHECK RIGHT NOWDAVID NIELDSEPTEMBER 24, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
It will automatically optimize against actual sales in stores, not merely foot traffic.GOOGLE LOCAL ADS GAIN SMART BIDDING FOR STORE SALES, ‘PICK UP LATER,’ SERVICE ATTRIBUTESGREG STERLINGSEPTEMBER 23, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
The assumption is that the smaller the cut for the ad tech vendor the more there is in the actual bid to compete for impressions that it may have otherwise lost.‘NECESSARY, BUT INSUFFICIENT:’ ADVERTISERS ARE STARTING TO QUESTION THE VALUE OF LOW EXCHANGE FEESSEB JOSEPHSEPTEMBER 23, 2020DIGIDAY
While the concept was formed by those conversations within Oiselle, the actual development of the relay came from Désir and Run 4 All Women.BEHIND THE SCENES OF A NEW KIND OF FEMINIST RELAY RACECHRISTINE YUSEPTEMBER 22, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
Don’t miss out on media coverage and award ceremonies opportunities, for they are more valuable in the actual context.HOW TO (RE)BUILD AN SEO AGENCY TODAY – PART 3: CHANGING BUSINESS MODELSSPONSORED CONTENT: SEOMONITORSEPTEMBER 22, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
You can use the learnings, tools, and insights that follow, together with your team, and optimize your strategy in the actual context.HOW WOULD AN SEO AGENCY BE BUILT TODAY? PART 1: CONSUMERS AND TRENDSSPONSORED CONTENT: SEOMONITORSEPTEMBER 4, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
I mean, actually the founders left a lot of room in terms of how the actual plumbing would work.AMERICA’S HIDDEN DUOPOLY (EP. 356 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERSEPTEMBER 3, 2020FREAKONOMICS
This can be seen as a proxy for store visits when Google doesn’t have enough actual store visits for a location.GOOGLE MERCHANT PROMOTIONS WILL BE APPROVED FASTER THIS HOLIDAY, GOOGLE SAYSGINNY MARVINSEPTEMBER 1, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND


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