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When Gunnar started her doctoral work in the 1970s, researchers had already mapped out the key actors in the stress response.PUBERTY CAN REPAIR THE BRAIN’S STRESS RESPONSES AFTER HARDSHIP EARLY IN LIFEESTHER LANDHUISAUGUST 28, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
By the time Gunnar started work on her PhD in the 1970s, researchers had mapped out the key actors in this process.PUBERTY MAY REBOOT THE BRAIN AND BEHAVIORSESTHER LANDHUISAUGUST 27, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
Movie makers and video-game developers regularly use motion-capture technology to record human actors.A ROBOT REFEREE CAN REALLY KEEP ITS ‘EYE’ ON THE BALLKATHRYN HULICKAUGUST 20, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
One of the underrated aspects of Antifa is that spreads accurate information about the bad actors on the far right.WILL FACEBOOK’S QANON CRACKDOWN SUCCEED? WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING SO FARJEFFAUGUST 20, 2020FORTUNE
The championship cast includes out actors Alan Cummings and Natalie Morales and LGBT ally Sarah Silverman.FROM THE VAULTS: JOURNEYS TO THE LGBTQ PASTBRIAN T. CARNEYAUGUST 13, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Oyelowo admits that the work of polishing his craft as an actor and storyteller is nowhere near over.DAVID OYELOWO’S HISTORY OF DANGEROUS LOVEEROMO EGBEJULEAUGUST 11, 2020OZY
“Having a robust enforcement division that is able to get back from these bad actors some of the costs of our investigations means we can do even more for consumers,” Ankcorn said.SACRAMENTO REPORT: BILL WOULD LET CITY ATTORNEY COLLECT MORE IN CONSUMER CASESVOICE OF SAN DIEGOAUGUST 7, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
There are many more points at which a bad actor can target the network through some of these devices.CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (EP. 406)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 20, 2020FREAKONOMICS
China really is the bad actor on the international economic stage that the president says it is.DOES THE PRESIDENT MATTER AS MUCH AS YOU THINK? (EP. 404)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 6, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Some people may think we could get ahead in the short term by playing hardball, with this actor or that actor, and they may be right within six months or a 12-month period of time.SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY BIG DATA (EP. 395)STEPHEN J. DUBNEROCTOBER 31, 2019FREAKONOMICS


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