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Now, Republicans have rewarded Greene with a coveted seat on the Education and Labor Committee, a post that she probably could not have won without the acquiescence of her onetime critics, McCarthy and Scalise.HOW REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE, PROMOTER OF QANON’S BASELESS THEORIES, ROSE WITH SUPPORT FROM KEY REPUBLICANSMICHAEL KRANISH, REIS THEBAULT, STEPHANIE MCCRUMMENJANUARY 30, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Rawlings was compelled to secure World Bank and International Monetary Fund assistance, a tactical acquiescence that proved pivotal for heritage.HOW FORMER PRESIDENT RAWLINGS PIONEERED HERITAGE TOURISM IN GHANARACHEL AMA ASAA ENGMANNJANUARY 29, 2021QUARTZ
It is not simply acquiescing in that Covenant in the heart, but signifying that acquiescence in a positive service.THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTINGJOHN CUNNINGHAM
It is the definite exercise of giving acquiescence to that Covenant in its whole character.THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTINGJOHN CUNNINGHAM
Inasmuch as gracious capacities lead to acquiescence in what God requires.THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTINGJOHN CUNNINGHAM
Bowing again in silent acquiescence, the white-haired servant closed the door and left her.MISTRESS WILDINGRAFAEL SABATINI
Tatsu rose instantly, though the gesture was far from giving an effect of acquiescence.THE DRAGON PAINTERMARY MCNEIL FENOLLOSA
He paused, but she stood motionless, without giving him any sign of acquiescence or even of attention.SUMMEREDITH WHARTON
Mangouit smiled his acquiescence, and we left him, in the hopes that he would at least change his linen.TRAVELS THROUGH THE SOUTH OF FRANCE AND THE INTERIOR OF PROVINCES OF PROVENCE AND LANGUEDOC IN THE YEARS 1807 AND 1808LT-COL. PINKNEY
He knew she was quite capable of handling the punt, even in the rapids, so he merely growled his acquiescence.RUTH FIELDING AT COLLEGEALICE B. EMERSON


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