Antonyms for acidified

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The alkaline solution and washings were acidified and distilled from 10 p.ct.

These are acidified with sulphuric acid and then treated with 95 per cent.

A white powder is obtained which tans when its solution is acidified.

This is filtered off from the alizarin lake, heated to boiling, and acidified with hydrochloric acid.

Fatty acids which are not acidified deliver about 3% of pitch.

Fatty acids are detected by the turbidity they produce when the diluted glycerine is acidified.

The resinate solution is withdrawn, acidified, and the resin acids collected, dried and weighed.

This is then evaporated to a small bulk, placed in a Muter's graduated tube, and acidified with mineral acid.

Prolonged soaking in a hot solution of potassium bichromate which has been acidified with sulphuric acid will often prove useful.

By this plan of working more even dyeings can be obtained than by simply entering the goods direct into an acidified dye-liquor.